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Unleash your digital branding superpowers

At Bolk we love setting your ideas free


WeΒ are a digital design studio, formedΒ by 30 independent workers,
powered by lean design.

Bolk means bubble in Dutch. Ethereal as a bubble, lean design lets creativity flow. Light as a bubble, it always keeps the design functional and easy-to-use.

It's about refusing to choose between creativity and efficiency. In doing so, we strive to bridge the gap between tech industries and creative sectors.


We collect the particles of your DNA and consolidate them to form your brand book, by applying the principles of atomic design.

Yes, branding is essential. Because when having to choose between two similar products, the brand's consistency and trustworthiness is what will really make the difference. No, branding doesn't have to cost a fortune. By building in on the go, the lean method enables you to approach it in a quicker and more practical way.

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From a simple landing page to an immersive experience, we strive to design interfaces that tell a story, while making any manual update as easy as filling out a short form.

As UX, UI designers, and Webflow experts, we use frameworks which are quick to implement, while always striving to implement advanced animations and smart interactions (three JS, WebGL, etc.). As teachers and speakers we provide you with the necessary training to make you autonomous once our work is done.

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We write, photograph, illustrate, film, animate... whatever you need to better reach your audiences.

Bolk is a collective formed by a group of 30 independent creatives, thus being able to deliver a large range of contents. We believe in merging the singularity of freelance work with the power of collaboration. When we can, we build your brand content as customize templates, for you to easily reuse them in your own singular ways.

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