How might we

Encourage citizens to be more involved in social, environmental and political action?

Nowadays, most political representatives create their platform of participatory democracy to position themselves as an actor of direct democracy.

Whilst these initiatives have potential and are well intended, it seems that the assessment of their actual impact on the citizen's level of commitment and the representatives' remains somewhat unclear. In collaboration with the INRIA (National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology), Braver seeks to explore the way crowdsensing and mobile apps could help citizens be more involved on a daily basis and in their own terms. The goal?

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The insight

We spent a month interviewing citizens of different backgrounds and built the empathy maps of 3 user archetypes. This highlighted the hypothesis of a political commitment thermometer, which allowed us to place the user archetypes on a dynamic sliding scale and proritize the middle segment. People who understand the importante of involvement but don't know how to do it.

The workshop

We then sourced a sample of 16 citizens - representative of the mid segment we previously identified - and conducted a design sprint inspired workshop, meant to highlight people's perceptions of the issue, ideate and diverge on potential solutions to explores. This resulted in the identification of 5 types of potential apps and 17 variations of potential implementations.

The solution

We voted and selected the strongest solution - based on the priorization matrix method - and prototyped a Proof of Concept of the Braver gamified app.

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