Gabriel Cuallado

Gabriel Cuallado

Gabriel Cuallado

Gabriel Cuallado

Gabriel Cuallado


How might we

Digitally preserve Gabriel Cuallado's photography legacy?

Gabriel Cuallado was a major Spanish photographer, part of the AFAL Group and of the Spanish photography revival movement of the second half of the 20th century.

Winer of the first National Photography Award and major influence during the the Spanish photography revival movement, the photographer left a legacy behind him which needed a digital presence. As the family prepared a European tour of exhibitions, it felt like the right time to build a website in the artist's image.

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The insight

The goal was to find a minimalistic, elegant and modern way to showcase the photographer's pictures, exhibitions, collectors and publications. This had to be done in 3 languages and the family had to be made fully autonomous on the website's update.

The solution

We built a minimalistic website with a number of micro interactions, worked on its SEO and trained the photographer's family members to be fully autonomous with its back office. The idea behind the design was to bridge the gap between the screen and the photographer's love for paper and texture. Presenting the pictures in the form of a collection of physical photographs and going for a 70s black and white Typewriter look and feel. The team we put together was made of our designers and the great duo Alexis and Nathalie from de Jaune et de Bleu, for the code and the SEO.

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