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How might we

Make a growth marketing’s methodology tangible and understandable?

From ensuring the successful launch of a new product, to growing an app’s daily active users and up to leveling up a service’s conversion rates, Launch Mappers has crafted a meticulous methodology which ensures that objectives are always met.

The method consists in conducting a Launch Sprint workshop, drawing a comprehensive map of all actions to be considered in the growth strategy and, finally, implementing them by means of iterative sprints. Our job was to help them better present their value proposition through a full rebrand and new website.

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The insight

The goal was to find a differentiating, tangible and impactful way of visually represent Launch Mappers Growth map, while still making it easy for any non-designer team member to use on a daily basis.

David Odier, founder of Launch Mappers giving an interview to Maddyness about his approach

The process

We kicked off with our traditional 3 hour Brand. iD workshop, meant to fully integrate and challenge the company's value proposition, business model, key differentiators, potential enrichments and end goals. Together we built the brand platform's foundation, as well as its visual and verbal language, using the semantic mind map and Crazy 6 Design Sprint methods. With those elements successfully defined and agreed upon, we then moved on to the visual identity proposal, site map and website wireframes. We iterated until the desired results were achieved and moved on to the design of the high fidelity prototype, interactive design system platform, and last but not least, we integrated the website using Webflow. We additionally provided the team with a comprehensive set of visual templates for them to customize for their social media, blog and case studies, in order to preserve the brand's consistency across all platforms.

The website's sitemap

From the first sketch to the high fidelity prototype of the homepage

The process of designing the logo representing the company's monogram in the shape of a folded paper map. The logo was a result of the collaboration between Elisa Garnero and Sofia Lambrou.

The solution

Our leading idea was to visually represent Launch Mappers' goal-oriented approach in the form of a colorful Radar Chart, meant to point in the right direction and to provide the team with a modular flow chart template to customize to represent the growth map's actions similarly to a marketing automation tool. The designs were made by Sofia Lambrou and the integration by Pierre-Louis Labonne.

The Radar Chart would serve as a way to gamify the initial compass or GPS, meant to point in the right direction.

Similarly to seeking an itinerary on Google Maps, the clients enter their current position (recently launched, recently closed a series A, etc..), as well as their desired destination (go to market, grow active users, etc.) and the Radar Chart would automatically show the combination of expertises needed in order to draw the Growth map and reach the marketing goal.

Each expertise of the "On-demand growth team" represented by a color.

The idea behind that was to represent each expert's uniqueness in the on-demand palet that Launch Mappers offers. Once the radar chart is ready, the bespoke growth team is gathered and and ready to draw the Growth Map, which we chose to represent as a modular flow chart, to make it easy for any team member to visually present to the client and iterate on.

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