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Help people make profitable real estate investments at scale?

Real estate is the top go-to investment for more than 70% of the French population.

Fueled by the advent of algorithms and the plummeting of interest rates, the real estate investment market has been heavily booming over the past few years. At the heart of that market, lies the rental investment proptech, which relies on a hybrid model combining a digital platform and agencies dedicated to monitoring clients on the ground. Masteos bet in 2019 was to take over that segment of the market, by mastering that model. Throughout the past few months, Masteos help individuals invest over 30 million euros. 18 months is thus all it took for the company to win their bet. In December 2020, Masteos closed its first round of financing of 1.1 million euros. We helped take the company to the next level with a website and funnel redesign.

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The insight

The brand's concept was built around Masteos, an imaginary real estate investment god, merging strength and creativity to help individuals make the best investments. Working closely with their designer, the goal was to merge beautiful illustrations and designs with smart CMS collections, easy for the team to frequently update.

The solution

Hand in hand with Masteos' teams, we built a website meant to visually differentiate the company from its competitors, while enriching its functional features. Blending a smart and dynamic CMS with fun CSS micro interactions, the website highlights the brand's strong identity, while showcasing the services' impressive results.

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